Project launch date: November 2020
Project end date: project still in progress

Which compliment touched you the most?

On October 29, 2020, in France, a second lockdown, linked to the global covid epidemic, is announced.


Barrier gestures and curfews are gradually moving us away from each other. I watch Men lose more and more the essence of who they are, behind masks.


I was 25 at the time, and I live in the commune of Angers. I am a young adult who has not lost her child's soul. I firmly believe that the most impactful events invite us to always remember the most essential elements of life, which we sometimes forget (by dint of being immersed in our work, metro, sleep routines). Impacts to also cause an individual and / or collective evolution of consciousness.

I am one of those who thinks that in any situation, it is possible to adapt, and even to evolve more. Many of us are fighting for a better world, and I am one of those people.

On my scale, the essence of my work is to preserve love in the hearts of people. But also, to continually remind people of the values of simple and accessible things that make us happy every day.


In the middle of November 2020, I therefore decided to embark on the “Compliment” project.

In order to preserve  a warm atmosphere between human beings, I set up this project, which breaks down into 3 phases.

1 - The harvest.

“Which compliment touched you the most? ”. Here is the question I ask Internet users (on my social networks), traders, or directly to passers-by in the street. To this question, compliments are then collected.

2 - registration.

With my dictaphone and the warm voices of passers-by in the street, or even people around me, for support, I recorded the compliments received.

3 - Sharing

A first sharing is made on my website, in order to allow people who wish to share with their loved one. But also for those who participated in the project, to see their compliment or to hear their voice.

Then, it is on small business cards written by hand, that the compliments are anchored. These cards are then distributed in different ways: directly to passers-by in the streets; on public transport chairs; in letter boxes; with trading partners, during my photographic exhibitions, ... etc.

Thank you to all the people who contributed and encouraged me for this project. I will always aspire to give of my time and love to others. Just as I would be eternally grateful for the benevolence of those who also give it back.  


See you soon, take care of your happiness 🌸

Video news of the project (compliment, distribution, etc.)

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