May / June 2020
1st confinement

"From our windows"

A photographic exhibition during confinement?


My name is Dieuvie GERARD, I am a photographer artist, living in France.


We are in a difficult period for many people. But beyond the tragedy caused by the Covid-19, I was able to find, thanks to this confinement, a certain comfort. Indeed, it is a good time to reconnect: with family, friends, silent nature, and especially with oneself.

In love with the outside world, my photographic work mainly focuses on travel, meetings and exchanges. Thus, to find myself for such a long period locked between 4 walls, far from my entourage, fortunately with my dog (Nietzsche) and my cat (Baby flower) for good company is an interesting new experience that life has given me.

Difficult first days for me, as for those around me. Stress, anguish, doubt, fear, overwhelmed us. But I told myself that it was normal, that it was part of a sudden change and that we had to adapt.

So I played the game! I lived each day of this confinement like normal days outside the pandemic. I started with a refocus on 'my self', in order to find an inner strength and a way to adapt my work to this situation.  

In a silent inner journey, I observed the outside world and from there, the idea of making this exhibition came naturally to me.  

Who are the real heroes of this confinement?

It's you, it's me, it's all of us! We who watch through our open or closed windows, the arrival of our next 'freedom' and a more comfortable outdoor situation.  

My photographic experiences have often led me to these notions: love, sharing and solidarity. So, for my first photographic exhibition I wanted above all to make it human and alive, as I have always done through my interior and exterior journeys.

During this time of pandemic, we have all shown adaptation and mutual aid. We have all shown how much we are beings with a great capacity to evolve on our own. I saw a lot of people change and realize the sad realities of this world, but also the magic and the love that came out of this situation.

This project, I could have done it alone, I have the capabilities like any other person who decides to believe in their dreams and move forward. We share this world so why not share a great project?

What door does the Covid open for us for tomorrow?

I appreciate the concepts of adaptation and solidarity that this Covid-19 has engendered and they are the same ones that I wanted to find in this project.

We have all the necessary tools around us. We just have to open our eyes to see them and open our hearts to use them better.

We are part of a magnificent technological world that we have built by the force of our ideas, but we are still underestimating ourselves on our capacities of adaptation and evolution. A problem that pushes us constantly, year after year to repeat.

By using the The Sims video game to present the exhibit, I just wanted to show that we are not limited and that if we search well, we will always find a way to adapt. Sometimes it is vital to take 1 step back to analyze, repair, and gain momentum in order to take 10 steps forward.

I'm not promoting a new world behind the screen, I'm even against it. I hope that we will all enjoy regaining our total outer freedom and making sure to embellish and protect it so that it does not escape us again.  

Imagine, if during this confinement, internet access had been cut off. Do you think we could have accommodated this abrupt change? I am sure it does, and this is what we need to think about now. Remain yourself and adapt to a changing environment to always move forward without losing the thread of your own life.

In my personal and professional experience, many people have been there to guide and encourage me. So I know the fear of tomorrow, while also knowing the concept of mutual aid.

Asking you to take part in this exhibition is above all a way for me to thank you for your solidarity. But I would also like you to thank yourselves for being the heroes of this containment. Now, when you look out your window, you will remember these words, this moment and make them your daily strength.

My main collaborators?

I wanted to thank a few people in particular in this project.


Margot TERRIER, my neighbor, a part of a fascinating woman and passionate about the universe of the fantastic. She made me think of using the Sims as an exhibition medium. She took care of all of the creation part of the virtual Sims exhibit. (Exhibition venue, architecture, decoration, photo frame, video editing, etc.)

Mirana RABENARISON, a wonderful childhood friend who supported me throughout my inner journey during confinement and who showed me that sometimes if we lost hope in ourselves and in our dreams, other people continue believe it for us.

She was responsible for the development of the communication support (Flyer).


Alexandre ANSELLEM, a childhood friend, a calm heart turned to mutual aid, offered himself at the announcement of the project to bring these skills to embellish it.

He took care of the video animation.

Safir, my neighbor, "bob the handyman" and computer genius. A young man with exceptional capacities for reflection, adaptation and creation. He always reminds me that life is full of surprises, magic and above all love.

He was responsible for improving my computer system for better working comfort, and for video editing.


Eunice GERARDIEU, my young sister, still in school, reminds me that it is for all these new children to come that we must take the necessary time to evolve and continue to believe in our dreams so that they too can believe in them. their.

She took care of the grammatical and spelling correction of this text, to support me in my little writing dizziness.


Tiphaine CAILLET, an artist friend in love with life, who has inspired in me the strength that a woman can have to make all these dreams come true and above all to always overcome the difficult trials of life.

She took care of another proofreading and correction of my texts, to finally bring me a sincere and encouraging opinion on my project. But also generously offered to exhibit the photos in his restaurant (Café des Piplettes, La Pointe).

Tea KLINCOV, friend and meditation guide. With an open mind to the world and to others. She also knew how to adapt during confinement by offering online group mediations (in French, English or Spanish) in which I was very happy to participate.

She was responsible for the oral translation into English of the introduction to the exhibition.


Nietzsche (my dog), my faithful companion, brought me his comfort, his love and the possibility of going outside to clear my mind a little.

Baby Fleur (my cat), brought me sweetness, love and comfort, every day.


Myself, in love with life, the collective and the intuitive. Afraid of some days and happy of many others. In my perseverance and my courage, I managed to transform my weaknesses into strength.

I was in charge of the raw communication of the project (website update, event creation, communication relay, photographic relay, media relay, moral support for employees, transfer of love).

Organic delicacies Délices d'Angers rue Beaurepaire. A big moving thank you for the warm saleswomen, who agreed to display my flyer invitation to the exhibition in front of the store window, and for having relayed the invitation around their network.

My friends abroad, for their warm enthusiasm in relaying the invitation.


Finally, You. No matter how many you are in this project, to participate or to observe it, together we will be one.

You are responsible for creating the whole.


"Only magic is beautiful, together it is even more beautiful". Some will say that this magic is hidden, but those who have a free heart can perceive it with the naked eye everywhere and in everything.

2020 begins for me on May 11, the day of de-containment, so happy new year everyone!

Thanks see you soon !

Take care of your happiness.